Why is the caulking on my tub surround turning black?

I installed a new tub surround, along with changing all the drywall around the bathtub. The caulking is all turning black and the tub surround is letting go. There is a window above the bathtub.
Expert Answer:
Sounds like too much humidity in the bathroom. The first thing to consider is a good fan to remove the excess humidity as quickly as possible. Secondly, the surround may not be sealed adequately around the window and condensation on the window and frame may be running down behind the surround. Did you use the proper adhesive when installing the surround?

Not knowing what the surround is made of, or how badly it is coming away from the wall, it is hard to suggest what to do with it now. If the separation has not progressed too far, try to reglue it and attack the mildew in the caulking with a spray of chlorine bleach solution (careful not to spray things that can be damaged by bleach). On the other hand, if the surround is really coming off the wall it might be better to remove it and start over paying particular attention to sealing the joints and around the window.
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