How long does it take to replace a tub?

I would like to replace my tub with a deeper model, the fixtures and the sub-floor. How do I replace the tub? How long will it take?
Expert Answer:
I assume that your existing tub also has a tile shower surround that needs to be replaced as well. Removal of the existing surround, the tub and the shower valve will take the average do it yourselfer about a day to accomplish. You will need help in taking the tub out, especially if it is an older cast iron model. Start by shutting the water off and then using a utility knife cut the seem around the top of the surround where it meets the ceiling. Doing this will keep the ceiling board relatively in tact. Also cut a line in the drywall where you want to stop the removal of the surround.

Remove the shower faucet trim and then, using a pry bar and wearing safety glasses, pry the wall board and ceramic tile off the wall around the tub. When all the board and tile are removed, disconnect the waste and overflow from the tub and then remove the clips that are holding the tub to the studs. At this point the tub should come free easily. If it is jammed between the studs, then your pry bar should be able to work it out of the opening. Now remove the tub/shower valve and replace it with your new ones. Turn the water back on to test all your solder joints for leaks. Bleed off air and water into a pail to make sure the new valve and pipes are full of water for this test.

Any flooring that is damaged should be cut out and replaced. What you replace it with depends on what is there now. Make sure there is adequate support and bracing under any new floor sections. The new tub can be set in place at this time; ensure it is perfectly level and secure to the wall. Connect the new waste and overflow. This should take you to the end of your second day.

Install new wall board or tile backer and tape your joints where they meet the ceiling and walls. the time factor here depends on how fast the drywall filler dries. Ceramic tile installation and grout, caulking the tub and surround and installation of the shower faucet trim will likely take you another couple of days.

A professional tub installation will take approximately 2 to 3 days to complete but this is moving fast on the removal and installation of the new tub with tiling starting on the second day.

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